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BeeKaur is designed to facilitate online bookings/consultations with health coaches, nutritionists, personal trainers and gynecologists. We match you with the right health care professionals to get you started on your holistic wellness journey with us, anytime-anywhere!

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Health Management

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Weight Management

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PCOS & PMS Management

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Develop a long-term relationship with your health-care professional

Book individual sessions or customize our well being packages

Gain affordable access to our health-care professionals anytime, anywhere

Upload blood reports, MRI, X-rays, ultrasounds, and other important health information on your profile

Consistently track and monitor your steady progress with comprehensive charts

Measure your weight, BMI, and happiness index

We Bring Care Into Health Care

At BeeKaur, we provide you with personalized healthcare and holistic wellbeing services. We offer a FREE 15 min personal virtual meet when you sign up with for the first time. Our professional team gather


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